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Good techniques to make a DIY project much easier

by Morris Pyle Team

Good techniques to make a DIY project much easier



Homes are already selling two weeks faster than a year ago but timing could make them faster still.

Have the Smartest Home on the Block?

by Morris Pyle Team

From security systems to thermostats, light bulbs to sprinklers, your home can easily become smarter with internet-enabled devices.

Best Smart Home Devices of 2017

From indoor and outdoor cameras, to security systems and locks, to lighting and light bulbs, more and more devices are internet-enabled. This gives you more control - from anywhere in the world - over what's going on in your home at any time. Want to see what's new?


It's going to be March before we know it! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you.

I'm always looking for ways to help my clients improve the value of their homes. One of the things I'm seeing more often is people adding more smart technology to their homes - things like internet-connected cameras, appliances, lights, and even locks.


Is this something you're doing in your home? Reply and let me know! I'm always looking for great ideas to share and I'd love to hear from you.


Hope you're doing well. If I can be a resource to you in any way, please call or text any time. 


And, as always, if you know someone who's thinking about buying or selling, I'd love to help them out. Share my phone number or my email address

Spring is ??????

by Morris Pyle Team

I hope everybody is enjoying the great weather we are having here in the Northland the last few days.   We have noticed a significant uptick in the number of people looking at homes over the last two week.  I think we are in our spring surge.   

This is a good time to be looking for a new home, but you have to remember that you also need all of your finance in place, since a lot of people are also looking so that dream home you are looking for might be gone in just a few days on the market.  If you have not completed your pre-check list, you should get on that now.   I have seen several items that can help people with getting things like Mortgage applications in order and approved.

I hope you all will enjoy the nice weather and give us a call to help you find the home you are looking for.

excellent article in the Fargo Forum today

by Morris Pyle Team

This is an excellent article in the Fargo Forum today.

Counter intelligence: What to know when looking for new countertops

It covers all different kinds of countertops that you could have in your home both new and old.  If you are looking to remodel or build, you should take a look.

Mortgage Loans from Relatives

by Morris Pyle Team
Mortgage Loans from Relatives

Occasionally, when dealing with close relatives who might also become heirs, signing a note and handling the paperwork properly may seem like a needless effort but it could mean the difference in being able to take a legitimate interest deduction.


Home mortgage interest is deductible only if the loan is a secured debt which involves the buyer signing an instrument like a mortgage or deed of trust that makes the ownership of the home security for the debt. That instrument must then be recorded or otherwise perfected according to state or local law and the home, in case of default, must be able to satisfy the debt.

In a family situation, a parent, grandparent or other relative may decide to loan a buyer the money to purchase a home because they have it available and it isn’t earning much in certificates of deposit. They offer to loan it for a rate equal to what a conventional lender is charging but without the fees.

While it may appear to be a win-win situation, there could be problems if things are not done correctly. Even if the borrower makes the payments, they are not entitled to an interest deduction unless three criteria are met: 1) sign a debt instrument specifying the terms 2) securing and record the debt properly and 3) the home is sufficient collateral for the loan.

It would be prudent to consult with an attorney before you sign the final settlement papers to be comfortable that both buyer and the lender-relative are complying with IRS regulations. For more information, see IRS Publication 936 – Home Mortgage Interest.


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The new 2017 Fargo/Moorhead visitors guide is now out.

by Morris Pyle Team

The new 2017 Fargo/Moorhead visitors guide is now out.

Here is the link - enjoy

Fargo/Moorhead Visitors Guide

As you can see the Greater Fargo/Moorhead Area has a lot to offer.

Let us help you find a home here.

Now is a very good time to be looking for a Home!

by Morris Pyle Team

Now is a very good time to be looking for a Home!  The Market is set, and the weather is good.  To hlep you with your home search we have several tools for you to use.


2.  Phone/Tablet App =

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What a great day to come to an open House

by Morris Pyle Team

What a great day to come to an Open House​


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