Dilworth Real Estate & Information

Dilworth Real Estate & Information

Dilworth Real Estate & Information

Dilworth Real Estate & Information

Located in Clay County in Minnesota, Dilworth is one of the core cities in Fargo Moorhead Metro area. Dilworth is east of the border of Moorhead, across the Red River. Dilworth provides a well preserved downtown district as there are a mix of modern designs and classic structures to admire throughout the city. With friendly residents and clean neighborhoods, Dilworth sits in the midst of a strong community with a strong Scandinavian influence. Purchasing Dilworth real estate makes a good investment as the housing continues to slowly but surely increase in value.

Shopping and Dining

Shop at retail stores, boutiques and explore the restaurants provided in the Moorhead Center Mall. The Fargo Moorhead Convention is considered the shopping district with vibrant shops and is nicknamed North of Normal. With a wide range of stores to shop at there is something for everyone from arts and crafts to bookstores to thrift shops to antiques. At the West Acres Mall there are distinct dining available and the familiar retailers to shop from. Dining is nothing out of the ordinary. There's a restaurant, coffee shop and/or fast food practically at every corner. In Dilworth there are seafood, Italian, American, and Chinese cuisines to pick from.

Parks and Recreation

Go ice skating, play golf, enjoy a walk on a trail at the Moorhead Sports Center that is located not too far from Dilworth. Go camping at various camping grounds including Red River Valley, Buffalo River State Park and Wagner Park and Campground. There's plenty of scenery to take in along with trails to walk, job or ride bikes. Take in a movie at the local theater or watch a play. There's plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. However, ice skating and hockey tends to be very popular in Dilworth as there are classes providing training for these two activities and there are competitions and games held in nearby venues. With inside pools there is an opportunity to go swimming even during the winter season.


Dilworth real estate has been growing slowly over the years. The median price for a house is $148,662 and the median household income is $46,783. With population at around 4,500, Dilworth continues to grow and expand into a busier city. Dilworth real estate is ideal for the average household and average income as housing is not out of reach for the middle class family. Assisted living facilities are provided around Dilworth as well.

Schools, Healthcare, and Transportation

There are plenty of public schools around Dilworth real estate to select from throughout the Dilworth, Glyndon and Felton School District. There are several elementary, middle and high schools to choose from and the North Dakota State University is located within Fargo, not too far from Dilworth. The Moorhead State and Concordia College is located in Moorhead. Living in Dilworth provides residents plenty of options for higher education as Dilworth is close to both Moorhead and Fargo.

Hospitals are available for everyone with medical centers and the Sanford Medical Center that is located within Fargo. For those interested in becoming a nurse or doctor will find various hospitals to work in and achieve the dream after attending local educational facilities. There are local clinics for those without insurance and emergency clinics for overnight emergencies.

There are taxis and buses that can take residents and visitors from the local Hector International Airport and throughout the neighborhoods there is a reliable Metro Area Transit, bus rides to take a person from one place to another. Transportation is rather easy to find if there isn't a car available at home. Many residents take their bikes around to nearby locations or walk.

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